Emory R. Stagmer

11231 Greenspring Ave

Baltimore MD 21093



Experienced in all phases of computer software development including: requirement analysis, design, coding, debugging, configuration management, training, documentation, and maintenance.

National Management Association certified Course Facilitator.


Programming Languages

Borland C++ Builder 4, Pascal (Borland), C (Borland, VAX, Unix, Microsoft, GCC), C++(Borland, Microsoft Visual C, GCC), SQL, Macro Assembler (PowerPC, MIPS R000, MIPS R3000, VAX Macro, Intel 8085 & 80x86, Data General Eclipse & MV4000, CDC Cyber 270, Motorola 6502, 8051), BASIC (various systems, Microsoft Visual Basic), CoBOL, DG/L, LisP, SNOBOL, LEX/YACC, some exposure to Ada and Eiffel.


Programming Environments

MIPS and PowerPC VxWorks Tornado; IBM-PC MS-DOS, Windows (3.1, 95,NT), Pick, VRTX, and Linux; DEC VAX VMS(up to 5.4); Apollo Aegis; Sun Microsystems Unix; HP PA-RISC HP/UX;
Data General Eclipse AOS/CLI; CDC Cyber 270; General Automation Pick; IBM 3083 VM/CMS;
DEC VAX Berkeley Unix.


Database Systems

Microsoft Access (including Access BASIC), Oracle 7 (Windows NT including stored procedures called from Borland C++ Builder 4), Oracle 6 (VAX/VMS including SQL*FORMS 3.0 & Oracle*Forms 4.0 for Windows), DEC VAX VMS RDB, IBM-PC RBase 5000, DBase II, Data General INFOS, General Automation & IBM-PC Pick, IBM IMS.


Work History

Northrop Grumman

Electronic Systems Sector


 Principal Software Lead for Satellite Power System Control Software (Boeing X37) and Software Engineer for Satellite Flight Command & Data Handling (C&DH) Software for Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP), Earth Observing-1 (EO-1), and Earth Orbiting Science Aura (EOS-Aura) Satellites.  C&DH Integration Lead on EO-1.  Borland C++ Builder 4 Client Server Applications (Windows NT 4) for C&DH task simulation.  Microsoft® Access CASE tool database design and implementation for C&DH systems.



 C++ Development on Management Information System (MIS) for near-real-time data collection, embedded 8085 control software, system-level load testing on Air Traffic Control Voice Switching System, and Quality Control Terminal (QCT) (DOS-based system status analysis program) including graphic display of system components using custom designed description language (implemented via LEX/YACC).



C (including PL/SQL), Oracle RDBMS (6.0), and VAX Macro on DEC VAX/VMS - Responsible for all phases (specification through documentation and training) of all engineering databases including Automated Master Index (parts and parts-list information) and NetList (cable harness and wire-wrapped backplane interconnect information).  Approx. 400 data-entry screens, 200 database tables, constituting 15 applications.


CIS Technologies, Inc.

Tulsa, OK 74136

(7/87 to 1990)

Programmer/Analyst - VAX C, VAX RDB, VAX Macro and DECForms on DEC VAX/VMS Designed and implemented Electronic Claims Processing System and Accounts Receivable Funding (accounting and tracking) System.


New Century Communications

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

(5/86 to 6/87)

Programmer/Analyst (NCC) designed and implemented 800 number telephone call-in database and letter writing system in Pick RBASIC; maintained comprehensive church and ministry management package.

Programmer/Analyst (VBI) - Embedded C and Assembler for NEC V40 (80186 derivative microprocessor based dedicated microcomputer - Designed and implemented splayed-tree data compression/decompression scheme for storing and retrieving text in ROM.