William R. Jupin 

(610) 631-1018                                                                                                                             2054 Yorktown South 

(484) 620-9724 (cell)                                                                                                                 Jeffersonville , PA 19403  





·         Experienced team leader, project manager, senior system / subsystem engineer

·         Participated in NASA spacecraft programs from conception through launch and successful post launch activities.  

·         Generated specifications, test plans & procedures for DOD and NASA programs

·         Provided technical support to NASA GSFC in resolving RF test and integration anomalies on the Calypso Spacecraft program.

·         Provided RF Spacecraft Communications expertise in S-Band Command and Telemetry architecture design.

·         Performed link analysis reviews, participated in NASA presentations and reviews, and participated in subcontractor technical meetings and negotiations.

·         Used High Speed Digital Design to bridge gaps between subsystem specification, and component hardware design. 

·         Provided Broad-based design and analysis support to: analog, RF, digital, DSP processors and embedded components at component, PCB & subsystem level,

·         Supported industrial, commercial, aerospace military applications & developed:

o        Low spurious noise RF circuitry,

o        Low phase noise generators and PLL circuits,

o        Precision parts per million DC circuitry,

o        Low noise & distortion audio circuitry,

o        High power interface circuitry in modular and distributed systems operating at frequencies from DC up to 500 MHZ.

·         Also developed:

o        Spacecraft RF component system at 8 GHz,

o        Modular spacecraft telemetry component for military use,

o        Digital systems and interfaces at speeds to 350 MHz,

o        Low jitter data and clock recovery unit,

o        Numerous mixed signal systems up to 200 MHZ.


MAJOR QUALIFICATIONS _________________________________________________________________


·        MSEE Villanova University , 1987;  BS, Physics Villanova University , 1975.

·         Experienced system & subsystem engineer, team leader, project manager.

·         4 years NASA spacecraft programs conception, launch and post launch actions

·         5 years RF Spacecraft Communications and Telemetry architecture design.

·         4 years RF Communications systems design & analysis

·         4 years electronics systems testing

·         Used High Speed Digital Design to bridge gaps between subsystem specification, and component hardware design. 

·         Generated specifications, test plans & procedures for DOD and NASA programs

·         Carried multiple projects from conception through hardware fabrication and integration and test, both in end product development and as a designer and fabricator of special test equipment.

·         Performed analysis and advised in various legal areas including both patent and civil litigation.


Work History_____________________________________________________


October 2004 to Present

·        Provided legal assistance in a multi-million dollar civil litigation suit on semiconductor testing.  Provided IT technical, logistics, and management support, as a subcontractor to IBM ITS, North Carolina , for a major retail outlet large scale data center move.


·        Provided technical consulting support to NASA GSFC in order to resolve some RF test and integration anomalies on the Calypso Spacecraft program.


·        Designed, built, and integrated a 50 amp 240V AC power system controller and power monitor for a proprietary mobile application.


October 2002 to October 2004   RDA Inc. , Doylestown PA


·         Delivered fully functional packaged, modular VHF transmitter / data test generator unit for a Naval  Research and Development Program.

o        Unit was PC/104 packaging compliant, utilizing RF, mixed signal, analog, high speed digital, and FPGA technology. This

o        System conceived and simulated using MATLAB, SIMULINK, SPICE, and EAGLEWARE RF and filter design CAD, and carried through to multilayer  PCB design and fabrication.

o        Packaging design and fabrication was also accomplished in-house.

o       Unit achieved low RF spurious, ultra low phase noise, and reliable clocking to over 300 MHz.


September 2003 to December 31, 2003  Swales Aerospace, Beltsville MD


·         Provided RF and Spacecraft Communications expertise in spacecraft S-Band Command and Telemetry architecture and design.

·        Performed link analysis and reviews, participated in NASA presentations and reviews, and participated in subcontractor technical meetings and negotiations.


September 2002 to December 2002  Aluna Group, Naples FL


·         Generated a patent review and technical analysis report, as RF and Communications expert.

·         Reviewed applicability and validity of patents in area of communications device.

o       As part of this activity, performed technical analysis and simulations using MATLAB.


October 2001 to June 2002  University of MD , Dept of Computer Science 


·         Participated in research and development project as a systems and hardware design engineer.

o        Activities encompassed end-to-end RF communications architecture design with SIMULINK simulation, through prototype mechanical and hardware circuit board fabrication and test.

o        End product is a half duplex communications system utilizing 40 Mbps DBPSK at 2.45GHz.

o        Currently, a very high performance phase detector and clock and data recovery unit have been fabricated and tested.

o       The components have extracted a signal buried in noise, and recovered a clock with total RMS jitter of 20 ps, with reference timing resolution 30 ps.


December 1999 to May 2001  NASA Goddard Space Center , MD


·         Participated in successful integration, test, and launch of EO1 spacecraft

·         Modified RF special test equipment, wrote and executed test plans and procedures and performed link analysis for both S and X band subsystems. 

·         Developed computer simulation of S-band multi-antenna far-field pattern, which modeled actual on orbit conditions with reasonable fidelity. 

·        Performed fault diagnosis & design analysis of intermittent S band transponder.


June 1997 to December 1999  Northrop Grumman, College Park , MD


·         Conceived, designed, simulated, tested, and integrated flight qualified high speed (105 Mbps) X band QPSK modulator for EO1 spacecraft

·         Design activities included high-speed analog and digital design, RF, active and passive filtering, and digital communications

·        Conceived, analyzed, simulated, and designed state of the art mixed signal and DSP based (SHARC) digital receiver for proprietary very low-level RF detection application for a cable system. 


March 1997 to September 1997   EER Systems, Seabrook, MD


·         Redesigned and integrated embedded low power transmitter / controller unit.

o       Design encompassed mixed signal for a low power application, which was capable of operating in a sleep mode and waking autonomously


September 1995 to January 1997  General Instrument, Horsham PA


·         Developed hardware and software for special test equipment to be used in testing digital cable systems.

o        Test included MPEG-2 transport stream compliance tests, RF and BERTS test configurations for impairment type tests.

·        Designed custom test PCB to synchronize & extract MPEG packet information. 


Dec 1991- Aug1994 & April 1995 - Aug 1995   EER Systems, Seabrook, MD


·         Devised, designed, procured and successfully integrated launch vehicle instrumentation and S-band high rate telemetry system. 

o        Developed data acquisition system, using PC-based boards and HP-VEE test software. 

o       Designed special test equipment for charging and high power loads testing of flight batteries


1983 to 1991    General Electric Astro-Space Division, Valley Forge , PA


·         Project engineer directing team of junior engineers developing architectures and components for spacecraft data-handling subsystems. 

·         Managed VLSI DSP IR&D project; utilizing proprietary state of the art pipelined FFT chips, and developed high-speed DSP applications. 

·         Commended by Air Force as author of study on high data-rate architectures. 

·         Participated in Star Wars Phase A study, developing analog interface circuitry and high-speed mixed signal simulator for electro-optic focal plane array.

·         Lead designer for shuttle audio/video interfaces, designed audio and video circuitry and special test equipment.

·         Supported design of ultra High Data Rate secure Data Switch for NASA STGT. 

·        Lead engineer responsible for specification, design, fabrication, and test of flight-qualified telemetry unit for ultra secure DOD MILSTAR spacecraft program.


1981 to 1983   General Electric Advanced Systems Division, Malvern , PA


·         Member of research group developing next generation equipment to control high voltage power transmission systems.

·         Successfully designed and integrated two large-scale digital and twelve medium-scale mixed signal PCB's and one analog Power distribution subsystem. 

·         Developed special test equipment, including a programmable, high speed/high power active load unit to test switching power supplies. 

·        Filed patent applications for two circuit designs.


1978 to 1981    Biddle Instruments, Plymouth Meeting, PA


·         Developed high precision analog instrumentation and microprocessor-based high voltage corona detection test instrument. 

·        Established and coordinated initial development of embedded control into high voltage cable test sets




·        MSEE Villanova University , 1987

·        BS, Physics Villanova University , 1975


Trade Associations 

·        Mr. Jupin currently serves as Program Chair for the IEEE Philadelphia Section Consultants Network, (CONET).

·        Member of IEEE Circuit and Systems, Signal Processing, Communications, & Microwave Theory and Techniques Societies.

·        Member of Audio Engineering Society.


Special Training

·         MATLAB and SIMULINK to analyze and simulate Communications links, signal processing applications, and analog and digital filter development.

·         EAGLEWARE RF CAD for RF circuit and filter design and analysis.

·         SPICE simulator for schematic capture and for high speed analog , digital and some RF design. 

·         Programmed in C, Pascal, Assembly, and UNIX shell.  

·         Training in Real-Time System specification and design. 

·        GE corporate courses in Systems Engineering Methodology, Project Leadership, satellite communications, and signal and image processing.



Mr. Jupin has received commendation letters on a variety of programs, was nominated for the GE Aerospace Technical Excellence award, and was selected to participate in GE Aerospace System Engineering Training Program.


President of BILECTRON Inc., an engineering consulting and service business (inc.1992).



"Spacecraft Processing Architectures", Air Force Rome Air Development Center Technical Publication, 1986.

"Measurement of Dielectric Constants using Resonance Techniques” American Journal of Physics, May 1976.