Hardware Fabrication and Recent Projects


These photos highlight some of our recent hardware design and development projects.


BILECTRON has lab facilities equipped with high performance test equipment by Tektronix and Agilent. In addition, for special test requirements, we have preferred vendors that we utilize for high performance rental equipment to augment our standard stock.


Our lab environment was set up to insure low noise and proper grounding,  utilizing our own design isolation power supply.


We utilize soldering equipment by PACE, and construct most breadboard circuitry and simple PCBs onsite. For more complicated PCB fabrication, we utilize outside local fabrication shops which are ISO qualified.


We have established a good working relationship over the years with a top quality PCB vendor who achieves consistent quality. Although more expensive than the usual internet shop, this vendor utilizes state of the art equipment and software, and can easily achieve line widths of 3 mil on 3 mil spacing. More importantly, complex issues regarding design of PCBs which meet tight RF or emissions specs can be handled.


 For example, in regards to controlled impedances, we perform the initial design and simulation to determine the line widths and spacings for controlled impedance runs, then rely on the vendor to model and dial in the parameters to get good performance. This allows us to get to our target impedance within several percent.


Our in-house facility can be used for small quantity prototype and machining work.  For more extensive machining work, we rely on local associates who can provide high quality CAD machining and powder coat finishing.


Please go to the links below for information on the specific project.

                    Modulator Test Unit

                    University of Maryland Research/Development

                    NASA EO-1