Our mission is provide capable, professional engineering expertise to meet your design, development and testing needs in a cost efficient and timely manner. To this goal, BILECTRON can provide the following range of engineering services:

Individual engineering design and analysis expertise provided by Bill Jupin, President of BILECTRON

Engineering design expertise over a broad range of engineering disciplines provided by BILECTRON design associates.  Areas include RF, Digital including FPGA design, Software and firmware on a variety of systems from micros to mainframes, and mechanical, thermal, and packaging design using a variety of CAD tools. Individuals can be provided on an as needed basis for individual assignments, or as part of a broad engineering team provided by BILECTRON  to solve your problem through a concurrent engineering approach. An example of such an approach was the design of the EO1 modulator, which addressed challenging mechanical, thermal and electrical constraints in a timely and efficient approach. In this design, we went effectively from concept directly to flight unit, without the benefit of a brassboard or engineering unit.

Software project management, web design management, and software quality control.

Reliability analysis, mission and fault assessment, test plans and procedures.

System analysis and design, including design reviews, test plans and procedures, reliability analysis, mission and fault assessment, hardware and software project management, quality assurance, web design and management.  We have provided these services for a number of government funded programs as well as private industry.

 Fabrication, construction and assembly of engineering prototypes and special test equipment.  Please refer to our Recent Project section for development efforts for a Navy research project.

BILECTRON  is not a ‘job shop’. We do not push candidates who are unknown professional or personal entities, nor do we solicit resumes through ads. All of our associates are individuals who have established track records and with whom we have established both a professional and a personal relationship. They are highly qualified, capable individuals who are offered to optimally solve your problems. If a specialists is currently fully employed on another project, we will opt to decline an assignment, rather than place an unqualified substitute. 

BILECTRON  is very competitive on cost, because our fees and overhead are competitive. This is how we aim to beat the ‘big guys’, superior engineering at a reasonable price!

Please drop me an email or call to arrange for a quote for your engineering needs.