Welcome to BILECTRON, Inc., an Engineering Service company dedicated to providing competent, cost effective design, development and analysis of electronic components, subsystems or special test equipment for commercial, industrial and aerospace or high quality custom audio applications.

We have organized this site to give you more than a one dimensional description of  Bilectron's capabilities, as may be found in a resume or a project list.  

You can gauge the kind of services BILECTRON, Inc. provides for you by examining some recent work.  I would also like to give you a sense of how we approach design problems by providing a glimpse into our thought process as it relates to engineering.  

The site is organized as follows:

Mission Statement - An overview BILECTRON's  engineering services.  In addition to Bill Jupin,  BILECTRON  employs  expert consultants to solve your engineering needs.  Let us put concurrent engineering teams together to deliver an end product.

Resume - This section includes downloadable resumes for Bill Jupin, President and Leslie Cline, Program Manager. 

Design Methodology - A philosophical discussion of the design engineering process,  from a systems engineering perspective.  This is of course my own somewhat simplistic treatment of a topic which has been fertile ground for many books and articles.

Recent Projects - This section will be updated periodically.   It currently provides a description of a recent design project we completed for the NASA EO1 spacecraft mission.  This offers yo a glimpse of how we how we design, build and test a space qualified component.  There is an overall summary of the design and analysis work I've been involved in over my 25 year career.

Links - As a participating member of the ever growing online community, we offer links to other useful sites. The links are updated continually and we welcome other web sites you would like to see added. 

Resources for Engineers - Some of the most useful web sites for electrical design engineering.      

Vendor Resources - If you need information about a particular part, or if you want to read the many excellent application notes, check out these sites.

Feel free to email us with your links.

We hope you enjoy the site!

Bill Jupin, BS Physics, MSEE

President BILECTRON, Inc.